Printing Methods


Silk screen printing basically pastes a layer of colour on top of the garment through a screen.

It has better print quality, is versatile for pairing with other clothings, and generally cheaper with big orders too.

Its drawbacks are limited colour mixing and lower logo resolution, involves multiple steps along the process.

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Embroidery is using a machine stitching a particular design or text onto the garment of choice. It is one of the most used methods for shirt printing in Singapore when it comes to professional shirts and corporate work wear.

Embroidery gives a very professional look and it is a long-lasting method.

However, it is difficult to show shades in the logo with the threads and to show very small text.

Heat Transfer

This printing technique transfers an image from one surface to another, permanently. It requires heat to be applied at the end to set the image.

With a fairly simple technique, it can produce high quality, complex designs, and is amongst the best techniques for full colour printing.

It can be slow to produce, and it is limited in types of fabrics it can print on. It has some restrictions on reproduction of darker shades as well.

Direct To Garment, DTG

This shirt printing technique prints ink directly into the garment. It goes straight into the fiber, meaning that you do not feel the ink when you touch the shirts.

It has an extensive colour options, and has the maximum details in design. It can easily be customized for designs.

However, it is not cost-effective for bulk printing and has limited design placement.